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Pet Friendly
Non Pet Friendly

Travelling without your furry friend is half the fun... we totally get that!

Bring your pet along! We have multiple dedicated pet friendly apartments ✔︎

Strict Pet Policy Applies

Pet charges extra: $30 per pet, per night

We understand not everybody likes pets, and some of us are allergic to pet fur.

Therefore we also offer dedicated non pet friendly apartments.

In these specific apartments, pets are not allowed and are for our guests who want to stay where no pet has ever been!

Looking for a pet friendly hotel?

Be greeted by our CEO of paws 🐾 - Hollywood

Bring your pet along to Melbourne!

Many of us love to travel, but most of the times being away from our furry friends can be stressful, which is why many pet owners like to take pets with them, whenever possible. For those of us who love to travel but also want to make sure our pets are happy and healthy, Birches Serviced Apartments is the place to be for all your accommodation needs.

At Birches Serviced Apartments, we offer dedicated pet friendly apartments, and as we are ideally located next to parks, gardens and nature strips in East Melbourne, you and your furry friends are going to be very happy at our perfectly located dog and cat friendly accommodation.

We mainly offer multiple one-bedroom high quality pet friendly accommodation, with ensuite bathroom, high speed internet, modern kitchen and herb garden, it just feels like home! Located on a quiet street, it is one of the best pet friendly properties in Melbourne.

Parks & Playground

We know pets love to play! Parks and playground are located steps away from Birches. Whether your pet wants to fetch, go on a stroll or relax while being surrounded by nature, it is all here!

Pet Waste Bags

Need some extra pet waste bags? We've got you covered!

Walk Time!

Wanna take your pet for a walk? There are plenty of beautiful walkways around Birches Serviced Apartments. The walkways and streets are usually quiet with minimal traffic around.

Pet Water Bowls

Your pet forgot to pack his/her food or water bowl? No worries, yep! we got you covered there as well.


Secure Car Parking Available

Only $15/car/night

Secure Car Parking Available

Only $15/car/night