Birches Pet Policy

We have limited, dedicated pet friendly rooms where your four legged family members can enjoy their “get-away”, as long as you adhere to our pet friendly rules and guidelines.

Pet charges of $30 per-animal per-day apply.

The Rules:

  • Cats and dogs MUST BE SPEYED/DESEXED.

  • Dogs must be on a leash, while in the outside grounds.

  • Pets left alone in the apartment MUST NOT disturb other guests. Constant barking or meowing will result in you and your pet being asked to leave.

  • Bring your own bedding, we do not supply bedding for pets. Please bring sheet(s) to cover furniture your furry friend may sit on like end of bed.

  • Your pets should have their own food and water bowls. If you do not have, please ask us. Pets must not use the crockery in the apartment.

  • Pets must not shed. To prevent cleaning charges we STRONGLY suggest giving your furry loved ones a good brush to remove excess fur.

  • Must be clean and well trained. For dogs, a quick wash before travelling should do the trick.

  • Dogs to be taken off premises for toileting. In the case of Cats, kitty litter & tray acceptable. Owners responsible for pet waste.

  • Cats that “claw” need to have suitable protection to avoid damage to furniture. In case of damage, additional charges apply depending on the extent of damage.

Small to Medium size dogs only. Very large dogs are generally not suitable for the apartments. We are all pet friendly and understand your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to ask.

Should the room need steam cleaning after check-out as a result of pet smell or any damage occurred to the furniture in the apartment, owners are liable to pay for the costs.

Failure to comply with the policy and rules may result in a fine of AU$200.

If you have any concerns regarding possible cleaning fees we are here to help.

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Secure Car Parking Available

Only $15/car/night

Secure Car Parking Available

Only $15/car/night